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About Us

"A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…”

Man -those are probably the 10 most exhilarating words constructed in human existence ever! Besides “Kamehameha”, and “Hail, Hydra” or “Hulk Smash” and -well you get the point. If you feel the same way, Welcome you're certainly in the right place!

So, how did Officially Geeked
™️¸ come about? Our story is actually quite simple! Our love and obsession with all things unique, quirky and even a little, well- VERY strange, served as the motivation needed for seeking out these qualities in products that were seldom available locally.

In order satiate this never yielding infatuation of a peculiar pallet, we embarked on a mission to find the most remarkable creations made available to Geek-Man & Geek-Woman alike.

Ask yourself this, where do you acquire a “Doctor Who” themed Coffey mug off the whim? Your neighborhood department store?
Exactly! The type of novelty items we seek is often too specific or in scarce quantity locally. Thus, the OG (Officially Geeked
™️) inception.

Officially Geeked aims to be your reliable source for all things "Geeky", and EVERYTHING cool no matter what! From Darth Vader Keychain's to Grenade Ice Molds, It is our top priority to procure a unique & high-quality inventory that will have you Officially Geeked Out!

We promise loyalty to all of our idiosyncratic customers and fanbase, because we know that we are apart of a rare breed in the land of viral videos, Hashtags, and pop culture

With that being said, make yourself at home and have a look around, we're sure you will find something you ABSOLUTELY

Geek The Clever Way